Botanical Images Scotia at Gardening Scotland

Since 2004, BISCOT has shown annual competitive exhibitions of botanical paintings and illustrations at Gardening Scotland.

See flowers through the eyes of some of Scotland’s best artists. The works of leading Scottish botanical artists will be on show. Since 2004, botanical art association, BISCOT, has held its annual exhibition at Gardening Scotland. Thus year the BISCOT Exhibition will also offer artists an opportunity to be involved with the launch The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s (RBGE) Florilegium to produce a visual record of its living collection.

BISCOT aims to promote excellence in this field and each artist has presented four works in advance to the assessment panel to ensure their work is of the right calibre.

The 2018 botanical art exhibitors are detailed below.

Hideko Kamoshita (Japan)
Exhibit title: Cirsium (Asteraceae)

Verene Kutter (France)
Exhibit title: The Genus Anemone in the Middle East

Sarah Howard (Scotland, UK)
Exhibit title: A Norfolk Arboretum

Amanda Willoughby (England, UK)
Exhibit title: Coal, collapse, colonisation: Plant species colonising the decaying industrial features of an abandoned Victorian colliery.

Margaret Walty (Scotland UK)
Exhibit title: Species Tulips

Plus A selection of 8 paintings from the Sir Cedric Morris Iris Florilegium


More information on BISCOT and their work can be found on their website at


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