Gardening Scotland introduces College Street to the show!

What’s the toughest challenge for gardeners? Often it’s about making that space between the house and the street look fantastic. Front gardens give a home kerb appeal, but creating something special can be tricky. That’s where College Street comes in. Stroll down here to see the front garden solutions created by student growers, gardeners, designers and landscapers from Scotland’s Horticultural Colleges.  Each one of the eight gardens will be packed with an abundance of plants and creativity and you’ll find practical ideas and inspirational designs to take away and try out at home.

From clever paving and great ways to create gorgeous pots to ambitious features like pools and rills – College Street will prove that front gardens can be transformed using big ideas.

Details of the 2019 College Street Gardens will be published here shortly.

Hidden Depths

The garden design is versatile enough that the client could be of any demographic but we have chosen a young busy couple who are time poor and need “off street” parking but still want to have an attractive front garden that meets their needs and has kerb appeal.  Having spent some time as a young couple travelling they were attracted to the Persian style of garden design with symmetrical layouts and tapestry like planting.

The aspect of the garden is north or east facing so gets very little sun so all the planting is done with shade tolerant plants. Also the majority of the planting will be sunken so it needs to be compact growing to not to interfere with the parking space or the grill secured over the top. Drainage of the site is important so the gravel used should allow water to dissipate freely.



Home is a garden designed to capture the essence of the natural landscapes of Scotland. The garden has been created with two sides: a coastal side, depicting the rivers, lochs, harbours and seas of Scotland and a Highland side, inspired by Scotland’s rural countryside of moors, mountains, hills and glens.


The New Beginning

The garden has been designed as a south facing front garden. The clients are a career focused couple who enjoy time in their garden but don’t have much time for maintenance. This is based on a new build property with good quality hard & soft landscaping throughout. This will also show off our student’s practical skills.


The Little Bookworms Garden

Our college street garden belongs to a retired couple – one was a published author and the other was an English teacher.  They have 2 grandchildren (a boy (8) and a girl (6) years old) who they look after regularly.  They have made their garden for two main reasons –

  1. To teach the children about the joys of gardening, of looking after plants and of nature in general.
  2. To teach them about some of the classic children’s books, some of which might be considered old fashioned these days.

Their aim is to develop a love of gardening and the outdoors and also to introduce the children to some classic children’s literature, encouraging them to disengage a little from social media and electronic devices.


Based on Arabic garden design principles, ‘Bayet’ highlights the importance of gardening to those fleeing conflict & finding a new home in Scotland. It incorporates a crescent shaped rill, Middle Eastern inspired planting and an arched bridge representing the connection from one home to another. Our aim is to promote a better understanding the importance of gardens across cultures.

Looking Back To The Future

Our college street garden belongs to two young 20 somethings, Lily and James, who both share a love of gardening, passed on to them from their grandparents.  The house that that they now share belonged to Lily’s grandparents, but the garden had long since been neglected when they moved in. They now want to pay homage to everything their grandparents passed on to them, including a love of WWII history, by giving their garden a new lease of life.

Auntie Jeanie’s Eco Pottager Garden’

Auntie Jeanie’s a savvy old eco-friendly lady of the sixties era. Her garden harks back to the time of peace and love but with a modern eco twist and an interesting convergence of plants and style.

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