Cookery Theatre

Foodies are in for a gastronomic treat at this year’s Gardening Scotland as two of Scotland’s most renowned chefs announce they will be making an appearance at the show.

Matt Tsistrakis from esteemed Italian eaterie La Cucina at the Fairmont in St Andrews will be sharing his tips on how to make simple, delicious dishes with contemporary flair, while Neil Forbes from Edinburgh’s Café St Honore will be demonstrating how to make local, seasonal dishes for every occasion.

The pair will be speaking alongside other foodie experts including Wendy Barrie from the Scottish Food Guide at Gardening Scotland’s Cookery Theatre, which is being run by the Federation of Chefs Scotland.

The full programme is detailed below.


 Friday 2nd June  Saturday 3rd June  Sunday 4th June  
11.00-11.45Wendy Barrie Scottish Food GuideWendy Barrie Scottish Food GuideWendy Barrie Scottish Food Guide
12.00 - 12.45Edinburgh CollegeEdinburgh CollegeMatt Tsistrakis La Cucina Fairmont St Andrews
13.00 - 13.30Neil McKenzie Gather and GatherChinese Consul Healthy Chinese dishBarry Bryson Cater by Barry Bryson
13.45 - 14.30Edinburgh CollegeNeil Forbes Café St HonoreChristopher Trotter Fife Food Ambassador
14.45 - 15.15Chefs@SchoolKaori Simpson Harajuku KitchenChefs@School
15.30-16.15Edinburgh CollegeEdinburgh CollegeEdinburgh College
 Chefs @ School Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th June
11:00 Everybody Salsa - learn how to make this exciting slightly spicy sauce that dances on your tongue
12:00Tatziki - cooling and refreshing - a great dip for veg making a healthy snack
13:00We love pink - Beetroot Dip
14:00Guacamole - Another Mexican favourite made from avocadoes.
15:00Tatziki - cooling and refreshing - a great dip for veg making a healthy snack

Classes can be booked on the day – first come first served.

Maximum class size 12 children – sorry no under 5’s. Classes run for approx 30 minutes , all children must wash their hands and tie back hair before starting. Please inform chef/ demonstrator of any food allergies and intolerances.

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