The Craft Marquee

Step into the giant Craft Marquee which is one of the most popular areas at Gardening Scotland.  You will find original paintings and handmade ceramics as well as clothing and jewellery that will tempt you to treat yourself.  To see the 2018 Craft Marquee floor plan click here!

100% Handmade Cards – CM26

Ahmed’s Leather Ltd – CM43

Auntie Janes – CM31

Beverley Black – CM33

Border Candles – CM16

Buddy Blooming – CM28

Cabbie Kids – CM19

Calligraphy Name Art – CM7

Carryon Clothing – CM17

CJR Gifts – CM15

Craftily Dunn – CM22

Dekassa – CM4

Down to Earth Jewellery – CM34

Elf Jewels – CM6

Feather Finesse – CM35

Fineline-Anne McFarlane – CM21

Francoise Chantell – CM5

Fussione – CM45

Gill Chesnutt Artisan Glass – CM39

Girl Paua Jewellery  – CM3

Hannalin Crafts – CM30

Helen Odor – CM2

Isobel’s Designer Jewellery – CM1

Jan Laird Art – CM18

Jems – CM25

Jewellery by Katrina – CM12

Kelbrook Pottery – CM29

Leaf Jewellery Sales CM37

Liz Ingram Knitwear – CM23

Massagical – CM27

Mike Pool Woodturner – CM11

Miss Gardener – CM24

Morag Bheag – CM9

Quilts & Quillows – CM13

Re-Create – CM44

Scottish Fairy Door Co – CM42

Sew Saw – CM38 

Tiny Tots Togs – CM8

Uwe Raw Cotton – CM36

Valentte Ltd CM20


Craft & Gift

Find the following list of exhibitors in the Floral Pavilion

Babs Pease Design – CG12

Bowbrook Studios – CG26

Christine Gilbert Designs – CG17

Country Flowers – CG16

Dawn Maciocia – CG27

Handbag Parties – CG13

It’s The Thought That Counts – CG8


John Ellis Photography – CG25

Loch Ness Leather – CG18

Lovage & Lace – CG15

McTavish Collection – CG3

Meridith Jewellery – CG7

Morag Lloyds Design & Illustrations – CG6

RAW Leatherworks – CG23

Silhouette – CG24

SXP Designs – CG22

Village Lanterne – CG10



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