Food Fayre

The Food Fayre is one of the most popular areas at Gardening Scotland and is where you can find small producers selling hand-made chocolates, succulent sausages, farm-produced cider and many other delicious foods to sample and take home with you.

Our exciting list of exhibitors at Gardening Scotland 2018 is shown below:

Allans Chilli Products – FF17

Ancala Crafts & Mulberry Foods – FF11

Crusty Pie Company – FF5

El:Gin – FF1

Galloway Fudge Company – FF24

Inveloch Cheese Company – FF4

Mrs Bridges – FF7

Mr Olive Ltd – FF20

Ochil Fudge Pantry Ltd – FF12

Pieroth Limited – FF14

Salt Pigs Sea Salts – FF13

Scots’ Cheer Ltd – FF13

Scottish Food Guide – FF19

Shaw Meats Ltd – FF6

Simple Simons Perfect Pies – FF10

Snowdonia Cheese Company Ltd – FF18

The Gift Oil – FF16

The Truckle Cheese Company – FF23



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