For 20 years Gardening Scotland has been giving gardeners access to some of the gardening world’s most experienced professionals.

There is virtually nothing that our experts don’t know on all aspects of raising flowers and vegetables and dealing with difficult plots.

If you want lots of practical advice on growing plants in Scotland, then who better to answer your queries than members of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society?

The ‘Caley’ is Scotland’s leading gardening society. Its members know more than anyone about growing and gardening in Scotland and you can find them at Gardening Scotland on their stand in The Floral Pavilion where they will be ready to help with every possible gardening dilemma.

Find out more about the Caley on their website

And if you want to know more about one kind of plant or a special kind of gardening then talk to the experts from one of the many specialist groups and societies that take part in the Show. Every year Gardening Scotland hosts a major exhibition by the Scottish Bonsai Association and Glorious Gardens of Argyll will be back with news of the wonderful gardens in the west of Scotland.

Other specialist groups to be found in the Plant Heritage area withing the Floral Pavilion will include: Carnivorous Plant Society; Archaeology Scotland; The Woodland Trust and Glorious Gardens of Argyle and Bute.The Caley - New

The best part is that, for the price of the entry ticket, visitors get access to all of these experts at no extra cost and as the advice given out is relevant to gardeners in Scotland, that makes the price of a ticket to Gardening Scotland more than worth it!



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