Our Show Garden avenue is the place to go for the latest trends in garden design.

Regular visitors, as well as first timers, will relish the chance to see another fresh and inventive group of Show Gardens.

2019 Show Gardens

YMCA Scotland – Celebrating 175 years

YMCA is the oldest and largest youth charity in the world. Founded in London in 1884, 2019 is the 175th Anniversary year. The theme of the garden is built around the YMCA triangle logo, which represents YMCA programmes that support and develop young people in Body, Mind and Spirit. These three elements of Body, Mind and Spirit will be reflected through the garden design and planting. The garden is being created by a team of young people, volunteers and staff involved in local YMCA community gardens across Scotland.


Angel Horticulture Ltd – The Otherness Garden with Support In Mind Scotland

A mental illness themed garden that combines delicately beautiful but resilient plants with a tranquil indoor space in the shape of an ‘urban pod’, representing not a destination but a space that is passed through during day-to-day management of mental illness conditions.


Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh –  The Coffee Garden

This garden highlights RBGE’s work in terms of education, research and conservation to the public visiting the show. Connects people with nature and the importance of plants affecting our daily lives. Highlights the threats to coffee production and other plant life globally from climate change and habitat loss. Promotes the purchasing of environmentally friendly and fair trade coffee and the sustainable use of coffee cups. Displays that RBGE is at the forefront of the battle to save the planet through its work both at home and abroad.



BRAVEHOUND – 75th Anniversary of the WWll Operation MARKET GARDEN 

Operation MARKET GARDEN was a bold but ultimately unsuccessful World War II Allied military operation fought in the Netherlands in September 1944, planned by the British Army. To mark the 75th anniversary of the bravely fought Battle for Arnhem, the Garden is built to provide a commemorative outdoor space to walk through and sit in for Airborne Forces (Parachute Regiment) Veterans of today to contemplate their experiences by reflecting on their unique training and an important chapter of their regimental history.


Lynn Hill Garden Design-  It’s party time! 20 years of Gardening Scotland calls for a celebration… let’s have a Garden Party!!

Lynn Hill Garden Design, CED Stone group, and a whole host of garden professionals are certainly ready to clink glasses. And to inspire you we’re creating the most glorious of show gardens featuring Italian glass, golden quartzite and corten steel.

Centre stage sits a beautiful glass cocktail bar from the wonderful Rosso Dotto. This modern twist contrasts happily against the rustic of the stone and the corten steel screens. These screens are new to the CED catalogue and look so decorative with their floral cut outs. So simple in design yet bringing so much to the party.

There is a real feeling of old meets new. Our old favourite Caithness stone makes an appearance again this year. This time to create the most unique of worktops for the bar. We have porcelain paving, a very modern product which sits so elegant and sumptuous underfoot. At the gardens’ entrance, we present to you, a vortex in slate by the remarkable James Parker.

This garden is just one of the elements of ‘The Garden Party: celebrating 20 years of Gardening Scotland’, and it’s not all just for show. There will indeed be plenty of cocktails and cake for everyone.



2018 Show Gardens

“The Garden Retreat – A garden for living”

Lynn Hill Garden Design teams up with CED Stone Group to create an oasis of calm and tranquillity at Gardening Scotland 2018
Imagine if you will at the end of a long day at the office, pouring yourself a refreshing cool drink and escaping the world as you ease yourself into the tranquil surroundings of your garden retreat.
Sink into a world of calm amongst the lush green of the planting as the wind makes its music through the leaves of the trees above. This is the world of The Garden Retreat: A place for living. The show garden being especially created for this years’ Gardening Scotland event, designed by Lynn Hill Garden Design and created by CED Stone Group.
This is a garden where inside and outside meet, it’s an extension of your home… a place for living.
But let’s face it, for those of us blessed to live in Scotland, we know all too well how it likes to rain. This is where including a garden room comes into its own, all the benefits of an outdoor space with the comfort and security of protective walls and a roof. And how beautifully these are decorated, featuring the botanical artwork of Eleanor Christopher of Rosslyn Chapel Art which brings their own distinctive quality to the space.
We are hearing more and more about how gardens are good for us and science is discovering that even just the simple act of being in a garden increases well being, allowing us to become calmer, healthier and happier. This garden is a real visual treat, an oasis of green. The soft hues of the silver grey granite underfoot stands’ out like a gem against the tactile majesty of the Caithness stone: A real Scottish native. Modern products such as the slate Tier cladding compliment the style and show us how a feature of real stone can be included in a simple, easy to create way to wonderful effect.
Situated just as you enter the show, The Garden Retreat: A place for living extends its warm welcome as you arrive at Gardening Scotland this coming June, and looks forward to revealing to you its’ recipe for calm and tranquillity.


“All the hills and vales along”

“All the hills and vales along” is the title of a poem by the Scottish poet of the Scottish First World War, Charles Hamilton Sorley who was killed in action in 1915.

The theme is of a soldier returning from the First World War with his dog. Designed and created by veterans of today the garden contains donations from all over Scotland – Just as each community in Scotland contributed to those who served in the First World War, many never to return.



“Wee Natural Gallery”

‘A Wee Natural Gallery’  will inspire young people to realise the wonder of the natural world through plants and art features. Learning how to connect with nature is one of the most fundamental skills that all children should develop, and one of the greatest gifts any adult can give.

The garden will primarily be divided in two by a snaking black and white path.  Representing the word ‘adder’ removed from the OJD; the path is playfully reminiscent of the children’s board game Snakes and Ladders. The path itself will wind itself through several timber pergolas of different sizes in order to exaggerate their perspective, creating an optical illusion of Alice in Wonderland proportions.

SRUC Logo Sponsor of College Street at Gardening Scotland

“Sea cliffs and inland glens”

This year our NC5 class has put together a display depicting some of the most outstanding tourist features of our home City of Dundee and the county and valley in which it sits. We have designed a simple copy of our newest and most iconic image and populated the heart of it with a crevice rock garden and cascade to suggest our beautiful angus glens. We hope you enjoy the display.


“Spirit of Glamis”

By Glamis Castle

The design of our show garden is aimed to highlight Glamis Castle’s rich and varied but largely unknown garden spaces, from productive kitchen garden to formal bedding schemes to lush perennial borders all with the backdrop of the magnificent castle. Based around five ‘Pod Gardens’ displaying individual element of the gardens sustainable estate. A further aim is to highlight how a substantiation amount of the show garden is sourced and produced from within the garden of the wider Glamis Estate.




“Royal Air Force Centenary Year”

SRUC Elmwood College will be creating a carpet bed display of the Royal Air Forces Centenary Logo. The display will incorporate traditional carpet bedding plants and annuals specially grown for this display which allows the opportunity for the students to acquire carpet bedding skills which are being lost in local authority horticulture.

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