The Big Back Garden is a firm favourite at Gardening Scotland.

It has proved to be such a popular attraction with visitors that without the Big Back Garden the Show just wouldn’t be the same.

Part family fun area and part eco-plot, it brings together everything that many people want from their garden at home – a place for the kids to play, somewhere to relax on warm days and space to raise a few vegetables for the pot.

Download our Big Back Garden Timetable from last year here. The new range of activities for 2017 will be published here nearer the event.

The Big Back Garden will include features such as …

Big Back Garden

The Caley Children’s Area

We are delighted to have a Caley Children’s Area in the Big Back Garden this year. Find them in the Children’s Marquee and keep the kids busy for hours with hands on activities. From planting seeds to making ‘grass-heads’, there will be the chance for children to create a keepsake of Gardening Scotland and continue their adventure at home. For the children that are interested in getting their hands dirty in the garden, they can stuck into the mud and investigate the creepy crawlies!

We love the idea of learning about how the tomatoes for our tomato soup come from and planting them in soup tins! Your family day out won’t be complete without a visit to the Caley Children’s Area.

Inside the Children’s Marquee we will have the following activities:

  • ‘Potatoes, Paddington and Peru’;  learn a bit about potatoes, where they come from, how they grow, make potato people and do some potato prints.
  • ‘Crafty Cone’; turn pine cones into woodland friends including mice and hedgehogs.
  • ‘Wrigglers and Creepy Crawlers’; investigate a wormery, identify some creepy crawlies, make a simple ‘Bug Bed and Breakfast’.
  • Grass Heads; Grow your own grass head.
  • Seed Sowing, Pot making and Planting.

Outside you can help to make a plant pot farm scene that we will build over the course of the weekend to include scarecrows, pigs, horses and giant worms.

Zorbing haggis 2

Rolling Haggis – located on the lochan at the West Gate 

Rolling Haggis is Scotland’s most thrilling zorbing attraction. Situated in the picturesque Pentland Hills, we have some of the most magnificent views in Scotland, with vistas from the Forth bridges across Edinburgh Castle, Arthur’s Seat and over the Kingdom of Fife. Our setting is perfect for high octane fun. The Haggis Run is adrenaline fueled and will have everyone laughing at the end of their zorb ride. Land and sky merge as one as riders roll down the run at 30mph.

Imagine trying it out at Gardening Scotland! At the show it is all about the fun as we bring along our water zorbs. Walking on water is now a possibility and it’s sure to bring delight to the weekend’s younger audience.

25-WYW  Logo Final

When you Wish Upon a Star

The ‘When you wish upon a star’ Tent will be offering a fantastic service at Gardening Scotland- “Keep Children Safe Wristbands”. Rubber wristbands for children will be available to purchase for a small donation of £1. The friendly ‘When you wish upon a star’ team will write the name and number of the parent or guardian on the wristband to be worn at the event. Any lost children will be brought to the “When You Wish Upon A Star Children’s Discovery Area” so that contact could be established very quickly relieving a great deal of stress by both parent and child.

There will be a range of activities for children to get involved with inside the ‘When you Wish Upon a Star’ Tent so come and visit the team!

All donations raised through the “Keep Children Safe Wristbands” will be used to grant the Wishes of children throughout Scotland with a life threatening illness.  Such a great cause which we are delighted to be supporting at Gardening Scotland.

Redhall – herb garden

Redhall Walled Garden

Let’s give a warm welcome to Redhall Walled Garden and visit their interactive marquee. Ask their team of trainees for gardening advice as they are all part of an innovative community garden located just off Lanark Road, Edinburgh. Redhall Walled Garden is a beautiful 18th Century walled garden which offers training in horticulture, conservation, maintenance skills, ITC/admin and life skills for people with mental health problem.

Being a Mental Health/therapeutic horticultural service, mental health and wellbeing is close to our hearts, we see people thrive through gardening on a daily basis.  So we will be inviting you to take part in our activities and consider the impact of gardening on your mental wellbeing, what helps you to thrive?  Let’s share ideas and show how gardening grows people as well as plants!

GSC van

Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre will be at Gardening Scotland 2016 to promote healthy living in the outdoors and can be easily spotted by their inflatable giant heart! Glasgow Science Centre will be teaching families about the importance of eating healthy and getting fit in your own Big Back Garden. From learning about how our heart works to raising our own heart rate on the sprint track, we hope that families leave feeling more educated and well exercised!

GS-2014_MidCalderCC (166)

Ayrshire Beekeepers

Get up close and personal with the honeybees, watch the kids dress up as beekeepers and enter a hive with the Ayr and District Beekeepers in association with the Scottish Beekeepers Association.


Caledonia Play

Have fun in the sun with your picnic playing on Caledonia Play’s basket swing. Let’s see who is king of their castle whilst the others get their hands dirty in the sandpit!

World of Wings

Fascinating team of birds will be joining the show this year. Come along to ask the friendly team their experiences working with these charming creatures.

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