The Big Back Garden is a firm favourite at Gardening Scotland.

A place for the kids to play and somewhere to relax on warm days with bouncy castles and inflatables to giant garden games the Big Back Garden will be be a must see for all the family. Don’t forget – under 16’s go FREE to Gardening Scotland!

The full new range of activities in the Big Back Garden 2019 can be seen below.


World of Wings

Fascinating team of birds will be joining the show this year. Come along to ask the friendly team their experiences working with these charming creatures.

Chainsaw Creations

Come and see what wooden creations will be carving out this year in the Big Back Garden! Iain travels all over Scotland and is known throughout the UK and beyond for his carvings of anything ranging from Squirrels to 16ft Wizards and Benches to Custom Carved Signs.

website is


 Ayrshire Bees

Ayr Beekeepers will be in the Big Back Garden again.  There are lots to see and do at our stand.  Come and see our open hive demonstrations throughout the day where members of the public volunteer to look inside a beehive and learn about bees.  You can listen to the commentary instead if you do not want to be close up to bees.

Our educational stand has an observation hive and lots of information about wasps, bumblebees and honeybees and there are lots of beekeepers to answer any questions you may have.  Come and taste lovely Ayrshire honey which you can buy from the shop as well as a range of other items.  Children and adults can try candle making with pure beeswax and have your own candle to take away with you.  There are also some bee games to play if the weather is good!

West Lothian Youth Foundation

West Lothian Youth Foundation’s key purpose is to use football as an activity to promote the educational and health development. Join the West Lothian Youth Foundation in the Big Back Garden for lots of fun with the following activities to participate in for all ages!

Tall & Tiny Footballers

Tall & Tiny Footballers engages players and adults to play in a safe and nurturing environment. All games are tailored towards building confidence, evolving motor skills and developing a love for football. Adults within the session also have the opportunity to practice their skills whilst being positive role models by engaging in the activities and creating a fun learning environment.

Aimed at participants aged 3-5 and must be accompanied by an adult/older sibling to take part.

Storybook Soccer

Storybook Soccer sessions involve players taking part in games that improve their football skills and physical competencies whilst the coach keeps them engaged through a fun, imaginative story. This proven approach keeps kids invested in sport and helps promote qualities such as teamwork, courage and creativity.

Aimed at children aged 5-10 years.

Inventive Play

Inventive Play sessions encourage participants to start making decisions by themselves. Through various routines and games, these sessions challenge participants to broaden their knowledge in game like situations.

Plenty of matches and opportunities to score goals, as well as enhancing their skills.

Aimed at children 10+

Walking Football

Walking football has grown rapidly over the last few years and is a wonderful derivative of football.

The game has obvious health benefits, both physical and mental, tackles social isolation, helps build community cohesion and is great fun.

Follows the exact same rules as football except… NO RUNNING!

Open to participants of all ages!

Powershot Challenge

For a donation, participants of all ages, will get 3 attempts at the Powershot Challenge. Using a speed recorder, we will measure how fast the ball is struck into the net. There will be prizes for the fastest shot over the weekend!


SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) Redhall Walled Gardens will be in the big back garden this year and we welcome everyone to join us for some mini-golf putting and plant sales.

We think everyone should sneak a pick at our beautiful garden this summer, so we are literally bringing the garden with us to Gardening Scotland… in miniature form of course, and with putting holes included!

SAMH recognises the many benefits of outdoor activities like sports or gardening on everyone’s wellbeing and mental health. Getting active and social in the outdoors can break isolation, create stronger and supportive communities, and challenge the stigma on mental health.

So we welcome all children and adults to pop by our stand and say hello, get a bit active with our minigolf, and most importantly have a lot of fun!

We will also be selling herbaceous perennials from our nursery, organically grown in non-peat compost.

Please check out SAMH website for more information:

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